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Customer comments

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I was abit disappoint when Reeds closed the branch in Cape Town CBD as all other service centres are EXTREMELY inconvenient. However, when I brought my car in for a service yesterday to Claremont & was greeted by Ashley who has assisted be previously, it was such a relief to see a familiar face. As always Ashley's service was of the highest standard. Thank you.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Appreciation for the excellent service given by all functionaries in this regard.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Barbara T from REEDS N1 City is an absolute gem! I also spoke to a consultant from the workshop, can’t really remember his name. I think his name is Chadley or something similar. He is also very helpful and friendly. Thank you for the amazing service.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I am so grateful for the service I've received, it is my third service with Reeds N1 City and every time it was excellent service, the service consultant Nigita helped me and although I couldn't afford the extras other than the service itself she made provisions to what I can afford. So grateful God bless you all and may your business continue to prosper. Thank you
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that he and his wife have received exceptional service from Gareth. Mr Samaai is away at the moment, however, the feedback that he received from Gareth was really impressive. Client says that he wouldn’t have gone through with this enquiry without the assistance he got from the salesmen which he appreciates a lot.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Your consultant Rayhaan is very helpful and good at his job.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you for a great service and saving my car and myself from a potentially fatal damage in the car, I think the service was done just on time, I can't imagine what could happened if I drove it any longer without the issue being fixed.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Service was excellent especially that of Rudy Lewis who had stayed in after his shift waiting for me to arrive, highly appreciated.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Great service. Grecion Mehl at your Rondebosch branch is a real asset. Take care of her.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Reeds City were great. They organized a lift for me immediately so I could get home, and my car was ready again at lunch time. Everyone was friendly and helpful, so the experience was great. Thank you Reeds City/Cape Town.
Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
My service experience was unexpectedly pleasant. From the service advisor to the lady who showed me to the coffee station. The driver who took me to my office was courteous and professional, no unpleasant music in the car. An all-around positive experience. Thank you.

Anonymous - 10 January 2018

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
A big thank you for not cleaning the outside of the vehicle, it is so refreshing to see a business doing their bit to save our precious water, keep it up.

Anonymous - 19 October 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I have purchased a car at Reeds last week Friday with the Salesperson Jason Engelbrecht and the finance lady Michelle. I was referred by my friends Ms Searle as she also purchased a vehicle at Reeds. I emailed Jason the evening with all my details and documentation as well as what I'm looking for. The following morning he followed up with a call and proceeded with the process immediately within the week Jason and Michelle walked an exceptional mile and render an excellent service by assisting me and keeping me updated. Today I am a proud owner of a Chev Spark in which I entirely have no problems with at all. I was never so impressed before with any dealership. A follow-up call was done to see how I am proceeding with my car and if any difficulties were discovered. I would highly recommend Reeds in future references to any individual. To your two employers, I thanks them once again for their exceptional service they have rendered they sure do carry the name Reeds with pride.

Anonymous - 1 September 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you very much, Barbara, Dulan and the manager of Reeds N1. You were of great help when I had to bring my vehicle in (walk-in). You're my stars… I was very impressed with Rayhaan Johnson's friendly and efficient service. I'm glad to have joined the Reeds family. Thank you.

Anonymous - 1 September 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Malvern handed the servicing in a professional manner. Well done. The vehicle is going very well after the service. Thank you.

Mr Yusuf Jacob - 22 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you so much for the excellent service in helping me with my car. You were always polite, courteous, friendly and professional. I am so impressed with you service. I am so busy at work and You made a plan to drop off my car for me, clean and with sweets. So thank you for all of this. Thank you for dropping off the book and my licence. I hope you know that I do appreciate all you have done for me.

Mrs Joubert Liza - 18 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I absolutely LOVE taking My car in for a service because I get value for my money. The consultants who book my car in to the service consultants are efficient and very friendly! I would love to give Reeds N1 City as well as Reeds Cape town a full 5!!! A special thank you to Wesley Mills from Reeds Cape Town who helped my brother with getting good value for his money! With a sales consultant like him, I am proud and VERY eager to refer all my friends and family to Reeds.

Miss Marshay Daniels - 18 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
huge thanks to REEDS N1 CITY! It was my first time doing a car service at REEDS. And the excellent quality customer service I received was so amazing. And a huge thanks to Rayhaan Johnson, who went out of his way in seeing that I’m more than satisfied with the service I got. keep up the excellent customer service Rayhaan Johnson! WELL DONE REEDS N1 CITY!

Mr Yusuf Ismail - 15 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Excellent service from Reeds N1. The staff is ‘’on the ball’’. While the vehicle was at w/shop I received good feedback and I am very happy about this. The staff at Reeds N1 deserves ‘’more than a rating of 5..’’

Mr Jamalodien Paleker - 10 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
A great service experience as a new customer, friendly staff, constant updates on the progress and feedback on the work done. Well done.

Mr Keith Alberts - 08 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I was highly satisfied with the level of service I received from Reeds and was exceptionally happy with Mr Riley who continued calling me on my Cell-phone to update me. Keep up the good work.

Mr Bonakele Bacela - 03 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
I would specifically like to thank Nathan, the service advisor, for his efficient and friendly service. It is always a pleasure dealing with him as he goes the extra mile for his customers. Thanks to all.

Ms Yvonne Galvin - 01 August 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you to Nathan Petersen my service consultant who kept me updated during the course of the day regarding the progress. A slight glitch with a part going missing was dealt with immediately by the manager. Thank you to the Reeds CT team for excellent service rendered.
Keep up the good work.

Henriette Weber - 26 July 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Completely satisfied. ‘’ Reeds Cape Town gives excellent World Class Service!! It is a pleasure to deal with them. In fact, I only buy Chevrolet so I can deal with Reeds Cape Town’’

Mrs Lauren Cooper - 21 July 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that he is very happy with the assistance he received from Keanan. He is a very ‘’ Prim and Proper Guy”’’. Also client was impressed with the salesmen’s product Knowledge says Keanan knew exactly what he was talking about.

Mr Shane Branford - 21 July 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you to all concerned for the excellent service to my Chevrolet Spark. I was made to feel welcome by all staff and enjoyed my contact with those who were responsible for the service procedure. Reeds maintain the highest standards of customer service and work ethic.

Mr David Price - 14 July 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Nathan, at the Cape Town branch, was my contact person and went out of his way to make sure my car is taken care of. Great service.

Miss Margerite - 06 July 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Excellent service by Rudy. He even took me out to my car to show which part was replaced. Very professional service from everybody at Reeds, I'm very impressed.

Mrs Elize Erasmus - 29 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that he was very impressed with the way Ashwyn assisted him. Mr Isaac feels that Ashwyn really does have the clients best interest at heart and really goes the extra mile. Ashwyn is very passionate about his work and the dealership should definitely not worry about the salesmen as his product knowledge is outstanding. Also, client feels that Ashwyn is a man of his word. Which sets him apart from the other salesmen that the client dealt with.

Mr Isaac - 28 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that she received excellent service from Zayne. He was brilliant and his product knowledge was outstanding. The client would like to send Zayne a very ‘’big thank you’’ As he was ‘’very good’’.

Mrs Barbara Paul- 27 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that Nick gave him excellent service and he was very impressed with this. Client says that the way he was assisted in the way any customer should be helped as Nick was helpful and very thorough when it came to the information regarding the vehicle.

Mr Darryl Brock - 27 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Kenneth and Kerrin have been amazing and I am so grateful for the support and patience they had with me through this journey. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Ms Aneesa Cobus - 23 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that she was very impressed with the assistance she received from Robert. He was very professional and informative and she believes that he will go very far with these attributes.

Mrs Lee Hynds - 23 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thanking Mike for efficiency and going the extra mile for Grinnell Security, Melvin for always taking good care of my vehicles.

Grinnell Security Services CC - 23 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Excellent service as usual. Customer service on point! Nathan specifically was fantastic.

Mr Alexander Teggin - 22 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
People who attended to me were polite, professional and very helpful from the moment I arrived until the car was safely dropped off at my workplace a few hours later. Excellent service indeed ...

Ms Pumela Matoti - 13 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Client advised that Jarod was absolutely brilliant. Client says Jarod went the extra mile which he really appreciates. The feedback he always received from the salesmen keeping the client informed all the time was exceptional, which he didn’t expect as well. Outstanding service.

Mr Tony Perestrelo - 12 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"once more many thanks, keep up the good work. Andrew Miller has done an outstanding advisory job! we very pleased with his performance."

Mr Horst Drinnenberg - 06 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"We have had only EXCELLENT SERVICE from the folks at Reeds N1City. They deliver again and again at the highest standard. Thank you, Reeds."

Ms Lichén Louw - 06 June 2017

"Very impressed with the continuous high standard of service I get with you guys every year spot on!!"

Mr Vincent Van Der Waal - 06 June 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"Your organisation deserves 10 because it is the most efficient professional and friendly I have ever seen. The best of luck to your A TEAM"

Mr Gideon Avissar - 30 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"Very happy with the professionalism of Nathan the service adviser and the progress feedback received during the day."

Mr Graeme Leon - 30 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"I am satisfied with the service, and an extra mile they took to collect me. That was more than expected as most of the other dealers, a NO is a no. Thank you for the excellent service by Barbara and the drivers."

- 26 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"Excellent service from Reeds - Foreshore in Cape Town. Especially from Lorenzo at the Service Desk. I have taken my car to him for servicing for years and he has always been friendly, helpful and very professional with his service. It is a pleasure to book my car in with Lorenzo as he always keeps me up to date on how the service is going and whether there are any issues etc. He always keeps his promise with an early collection time of my vehicle so that I am able to collect my kids from school in the afternoon. 100% for Lorenzo and Reeds Service Team in Cape Town"

Mrs Orlanda Krop - 23 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
"Very impressed with Reeds at NI City the receptionist is delightful and friendly and Barbara's service is excellent."

Mr Frank Krieger - 22 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
'Thanx Nathan for going the extra mile. My car smells fresh again.''

Mrs Martha Bergstedt - 22 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you once again for the fast and friendly and professional service, which I received from all the staff involved. Reeds N1 City is still and outstanding service provider.

Mrs Saretta Gelderblom - 15 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
As usual ,an outstanding performance by all the people I dealt with! Rueshana on switchboard....outstanding! Went out of her way to accommodate me with short notice cancelled bookings because of my heart transplant commitments. Charles/ usual makes one feel like a queen by just the way one is received in the workshop! I met Mike, the new manager, and he seems like a very likeable fellow. Rodney! What a gentleman. Always a minute to come out and speak, and makes me feel as a not so important person should be made to feel. Nathan is a very pleasant man and negotiated a 15% deal for me on my new wiper blades! Thank you for that Nathan!! always the star who promptly fetches and carries me home. What a gem!!! Thank you to Donovan! I am very happy with all aspects of my time yesterday at Reeds....Thank you all!

Mrs Susara Bryant - 12 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Once again thank you to the service consultant that did a marvellous job (The mere fact that on the day my vehicle was almost not ready due to some problems that had been encountered). She kept me on track with progress and has done a job well done with assisting me with a standby car. (I have always trusted Reeds), BIG THANK YOU

Mrs Felecia Van Wyk - 3 May 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Your Service rating is due to Melvyn Riley's customer-focused way of doing things. He is the reason we keep sending our vehicles to Reeds Culemborg for service and repair.

Mr Sydney Mahole - 13 April 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Thank you, Rudy Lewis, for the once again amazing service received by are truly the brand ambassador for Reeds. Having vehicles at other dealerships, I can honestly say that as a service advisor you exceed the expectation of the customer and is the reason why when we trade, we will stay with Reeds N1 city. A special thank you for taking care of the female driver I sent with the vehicle in the morning. Having a disability, you took care to make sure she got a coffee, was comfortable and offered several times to have her taken home, as I was running late. That is going beyond what is required for your job description.....but then again....I have always received such exceptional service from yourself! Thanking you for taking care of our company was yet again a reminder that we should buy our others at Reeds.

Mr Andrew Valentine - 05 April 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5
The staff at Reeds always goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers and they make you feel like part of the family.

Miss Jill Dickenson - 05 April 2017

Rated 5 – Completely satisfied
Nathan was completely AMAZING! He's totally changed my view on car dealerships, and the entire experience was wonderful! Big high five!

23 FEBRUARY 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5
There is one thing that he would like to mention. I am really impressed with the incredible, unbelievable service that I received from Lana Robarts in the finance department. She is really good at her job and they would give her more than 5 out of 5..

23 FEBRUARY 2017

Client rated 4
Melvin as always is a pleasure. If he was the only person I dealt with I would be happy. He deserves some praise and provides a professional service.

Ms Haniyah Gertze - 14 FEBRUARY 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5
Really great. The inside of the car was spotless and they were so thorough that they found some previously unknown damage to the bottom of the car from when I hit a brick. Ashley, in particular, was an absolute star. So helpful, called me when he said he would, very politely found my keys for me when I told him I couldn't find them, even though they were right in front of me and he'd already told me once where to find them. I would honestly say this was the best service I've ever experienced for a car service. Thanks, guys.


Client rated 5 out of 5
I have never had such amazing service from, well, any type of service provider. Everything I told them they listened to and paid their attention to. Your excellent service makes me want to service my car, making it something to look forward to rather than seeing it as a liability. I thank you REEDS!.

25 JANUARY 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5.
Glad with Nathan's professional conduct and was very helpful with acquiring the information that was requested of him. Always a pleasure dealing with him and will definitely be coming back when I purchase more vehicles.

20 JANUARY 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5.
The service consultant I dealt with was very professional and courteous, which is the main reason for the rating I am giving. Thank you

20 JANUARY 2017

Great honesty and real motive to solve my problem, instead of just advocating that we replace parts - something quite rare these days. Thank you guys, especially Lorenzo.''

17 JANUARY 2017

Charles Cindy is a gem to your service department and always goes the extra mile for his clients and should be nominated for best service adviser of the year. He is a superstar please kindly advise Management of this.

13 JANUARY 2017

Client rated 5 out of 5.
I rate the last service as a 5 (100%) satisfied and furthermore I would like to formally thank the service advisor, Nathan for going the extra mile with my service for he had surely exceeded my expectations.

22 December 2016

Client rated 5 out of 5
What a pleasure to deal with Reeds Cape Town and Kurt, my salesman, in particular. You really are customer focused and that came through in all my dealings with all the staff involved. Thank you, Kurt, Lana and Ernst and the rest of the Reeds Cape Town team. I would completely recommend them to anyone!


Dear Peter and Kevin.
I would just like to take this opportunity to commend Karl on the absolute GREAT service that I have received from him.
I was desperately looking for a car part, I was unsure of what the name was and I had gone to many places and no one could assist me.
I contacted Karl, sent him a picture of the part and he immediately identified it for me. He informed me there was no stock, however, could order it for me and delivery would be done the next day.
This morning Karl informed me that the part had arrived and he would have it delivered to N1 branch for me as it is closer to my home.
Thank you Karl for helping me, I have been without a vehicle for a few days and I am totally over the moon that you managed to help me so promptly.
Peter and Kevin; you truly have a great employee and Karl really deserves the acknowledgement of treating his customers in a professional and prompt manner.
Thank you and have a blessed Christmas.
Kind regards, Jackie Barnard


Always happy to deal with Reeds. I had great service with my car being repaired, my consultant Charles help me with every issue and I also rented a car which I got great help with and I got a great rental, the Opel Adam. Definitely made me consider that car to buy. I'll rent a car every time I service my car due to this. All in all a big thank you to the team at Reeds N1 City.

Ms Shenecca Cassidy – 13 JULY 2016

I like the service I had there! As I arrived at the venue (my first time), it was very clear where I had to go. As I pulled in the staff were all friendly, even though it was so early and cold, they treated my car like their own. I was quickly helped, papers sorted, coffee made and rental ready. I mean you guys have just ruined other places for me. Your service was not just good it was outstanding. I wish other companies were half as friendly, quick, and sufficient as you guys. So Thank You. All I need now is for you to move closer to Table View side :).

Ms Shenecca Cassidy – 23 JUNE 2016

"Hi Yulrich,
Just a final thank you for the amazing service you gave us.
You really made us feel so important, which no other dealership has ever done. From the first visit (staying late to do the test drive), explaining everything in absolute detail with regards to the contract etc, the gift you gave us on deliver (we used the wooden box as a pot for a plant in the lounge after finishing all the delicious goodies), to letting me know what's happening with the payment etc yesterday. Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish.
It's really been an absolute pleasure working with you!
Kind regards, Vriendelike groete.

Andrea Tickner – 22 JUNE 2016

Khusela Solutions is very pleased with the service provided, a particular thank you to Barbara and Rayhaan for always keeping us in the loop and being more than willing to help with any inquiries regarding our vehicle.

Khusela Solutions – 20 JUNE 2016

I was very satisfied by you guys because you always communicate with the customer for each an everything you pick on the vehicle. Otherwise thank you very much, guys, you are so awesome really appreciate. Just keep up the standard and do more.
Enkosi kakhulu

Mr Phumezile Gaxela – 17 JUNE 2016

Brian Looney is an excellent salesman/sales manager .... I have been purchasing from him since the time he was based in Goodwood and am still buying from him, even though he has transferred to Cape Town. 
He is polite, friendly and very professional. You can always count on his word.
I downgraded my vehicle due to economic pressures, yet Brian made the entire process look and feel like an upgrade
I am delighted with my new vehicle and absolutely loved the personal attention I received from Reeds.
Thank You!

Mrs Roshan Sirkhoth– 26 MAY 2016

Morning Robbie,

Just to let you know that I am very happy with my car. Definitely the correct choice!!!!
I only have one complaint and I strongly feel that you should inform any wife and/or mother that buys a Mokka from you in future ……
Her husband and kids will love the car and she will have to be willing to share ….. I lost my driving seat to my husband when we went out for dinner last night and on our way back home, I lost my front passenger seat to my son. Thanks for your great service !!!!!!

Mr Elzaan Fourie– 19 MAY 2016

I always have a good and satisfying experience at Reeds N1 city. Always helpful and friendly service from employees. I will certainly go nowhere else while I am still driving my Captiva.

Mr Elian Arends– 17 MAY 2016

Simply happy, you are one of the most organise efficient motor dealers I have ever come across with, by the way, I have own Mercedes for many years since 1979 I have the most recent E class 500. and I can tell you that you are above all. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Mr Gideon Avissar- 09 MAY 2016

Very rarely am I given the opportunity to tell someone what a pleasure it was to receive such awesome services from Reeds. I always have the faith that you will never disappoint your customers. Thank you once again. Keep up the good work at Reeds N1 City.’

Mrs Felecia Van Wyk- 04 MAY 2016

 “I would like to lay emphasis on the fantastic service that Shaun Godbold consistently delivers.

Ever since I’ve taken delivery of my 2012 Opel Corsa (dubbed, Lady Grey) late last year, Shaun has been nothing less than an absolute GEM, by going out of his way to assist in even the smallest ways he possibly can.

Whenever my car needs to go in for a service or anything else, he makes sure that there is a courtesy car available if need be, I’m always fully updated every step of the way whenever my car is at Reeds Cape Town.

I don’t know HOW he manages to be so efficient as I work in the motor trade myself and I KNOW how busy it is.


This morning particularly, I took my car in for a service without having been informed that I need to have my service plan documents handy.

I phoned Shaun and without ANY hesitation, he assured me that I don’t have to worry, he’ll sort it out for me.

Not even 10 minutes later, I get a call from Lorenzo in service to establish that he has all the required information/documentation and my car will be finished before the end of the day – and so Lady Grey was ready to rock & roll by noon.

*Thanking Lorenzo for his patience and professionalism as well J*


I’ve now received my car and she is beautifully clean and still drives like a dream!

I would like to extend a MASSIVE thanks to Shaun for putting in so much effort and making me feel like a special client. Even though I drive a mere pre-owned tjorrie.


And Thank you Reeds Cape Town team; down to the very friendly lady that arranged my trip back to work, the service manager who loaned his driver and the awesome driver who brought me back to work in a lekker bakkie J

Lizelle Carstens - 13 MAY 2016

Reeds N1 City - Certainly was a very satisfied one. The service consultant kept us well informed at all times and acted very professionally. We will definitely come back for the next service.

Mr Hein Nauschutz - 07 APR 2016

Great service and friendliness even under pressure (when other staff were on leave). Thank you for arranging to collect me.

Mr Lutcin Van Kraayenburg - 07 APR 2016

Robbie is a fantastic young man.

He did everything that was expected of a salesman to do.

Even when the vehicle was dropped off with his wife, she also mentioned that he was great in the way that he dressed and carried himself.

He would just like to give credit where it is due.

Mr Alfred Charles Schrickker - 06 APR 2016

Good Day,

I would like to say a huge thank you to Gale for her professional service and also for going beyond her normal duties.

My vehicle broke down over the holiday weekend and she assisted me greatly in getting my car booked into Reeds N1 city and also for providing me with information when I asked so many questions which I am sure is not really in her job to answer.

She also was very friendly over the phone and also very patient with me which in turn made the whole process pleasant.

If I could nominate her more than once I definitely would. I am very sure that it is always said that it is a team effort which I know that it is, but have someone like Gale on that team means that the team can reach great heights far above the normal rating scales.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Zayn and Lana and Kerrin and Yuri were all highly professional at all times!

That also includes your man at the parking boom gate who is always courteous and helpful. It's the kind of service that one expects and NEVER receives.

REEDS pulled out all the stops here and made the purchase glide through smoothly. Buying anything like a larger car, licences, number plates (also handled with ease) is really rather stressful when saying cheers to your tried and trusty oldie - but all this took just one week from start to finish.

I was speechless when I took over the NEW POLO - 'mint condition!

Cheers and REEDS service highly recommended! *****STAR!!!! -

Mr Michael Allan De Beer - 27 Jan 2016

Thank you for the great service from Lorenzo & Rueshana at Reeds Cape Town. Please also thank the driver who dropped and picked me up at St. Georges Mall in Cape Town. What a great customer experience. - See more at:

Fatima Bobbert - 25 Jan 2016

Hi Werner

Just wanted to communicate my absolute pleasure in meeting and dealing with two of your staff this week.

Nathan (Service) and Charles (Rental Vehicle) are absolute assets to your department.

They were polite, friendly, well informed, thorough and presented the highest level of service.

The customer service level I encountered with my first vehicle service is arguably the highest I've experienced across any business or industry.

Beyond their efficiency, it was clear to me as a customer that they thoroughly enjoy what they do, you don't see that often, it carries significant value.

As managers, you always hear the bad, thought you might like to hear the good. - See more at:

Graham Knoop - 25 Jan 2016

A special thank you to Craig Sevenich for always helping when I need assistance, he is a fantastic guy. It is because of Craig that I refer all my friends and family to Reeds. Thank you Michelle and all the staff of Reeds for their excellent service and keeping their promise to call after my service. A big thumbs up to Reeds Motor Group. -

Mrs Merle Brink - 21 Jan 2016

Thank you for a great service rendered to my (BABY) car. Reeds at N1 City will highly be recommended by me. Thanks to the friendly personnel too. - See more at:

Mrs Elizabeth De Wet - 21 Jan 2016

John is one of the first salesmen that did not try and push me into a situation. He is a number 1 salesperson with a wonderful sense of humour, and patience like you won’t believe. I would adopt John if I could. John is definitely an asset to Reeds and management and you should take good care of him. It is unfortunate that my finances do not allow me to purchase a vehicle right now. However, as soon as I can I will be coming back to John to buy her new vehicle. - See more at

Ms Mae Rule - 21 Jan 2016

I am happy with the prompt, efficient service I got from Reeds N1 City. Communication around the progress on my vehicle was at a good level.

Mr Rolf Lucas- 21 Jan 2016

I am always impressed with the high standard of service and friendliness at N1 City!

Mrs Antonette Rousseau - 21 Jan 2016

Alexander Slabbert is an outstanding sales person. Constantly phoning me, informing me of what was going on. I told him my predicament and he got me a fantastic deal. He is a true example of what customer service is about. Reeds will never go wrong with a salesperson like Alexander. Look after him.

Mr Riaan Van Der Westhuizen - 14 Jan 2016

Ashwyn Wentzel was fantastic to work with, he really made it easy to do business with you guys making me feel good about the whole transaction.

The guy was very professional and put no pressure on us.

When we are ready for our next vehicle we will be back to check what you have. Michelle in finance explained things very well enough to entice me into a long-term deal.

I was very well treated by all the staff and had a very satisfactory experience.

He would just like to give credit where it is due.


Mr Vernon Jansen - 19 April 2018

Rated 5 - Completely satisfied.
Client advised that Joshua is a very young man that comes across very matured. Mr Jansen says that Reeds should be happy to have an individual like him on our Team. Client says if he had the choice he would definitely choose to have Joshua on his team as well.

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